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Wandering Ways Food & CO.



A Bear River Dinner Series

For three weekends in August, Wandering Ways Food & Co. invites you to join us on a culinary adventure, inspired by our love for food and travel. This limited dinner series will draw on the bounty of Nova Scotia and the foods we love from around the world. Each weekend we will feature a different cuisine and offer a unique tasting menu (vegetarian options will be available). From Thailand, to Latin American, to Italy, you do not want to miss out on this culinary adventure celebrating the rich local produce that the Annapolis Valley has to offer!



Red Onion

August 11th & 12th

Laotian Larb Salad

Fragrant herbs, seasonal greens, and Larb style crumbled pork

(Vegetarian option available)


Braised Nova Scotia Beef in Thai Panang Style Curry

Nova Scotia beef, Panang style coconut curry, egg noodles, pickled greens

(Veggie Tofu Curry Option Available)


Mango Custard Profiteroles with Toasted Coconut





Latin American
August 18th & 19th

Digby Scallop Ceviche

(Vegetarian Hearts of Palm Available)


Peruvian Spiced Chicken

Aji Verde Herb Sauce, Smashed Plantains, Citrus Slaw

(Grilled Portobello Mushroom  Vegetarian Option Available)


'Pisco Sour' Merengue with Lime Curd


Tomato Trio

August 25th & 26th 

Tomato Ricotta Puff Pastry Tart


Truffle Mushroom Cream Pasta


Nova Scotia Braised Beef Involtini

Slow cooked beef rolled with parmigiana and seasoned breadcrumb braided in tomato sauce

 Fresh baked herb and garlic Focaccia

(Eggplant vegetation option available)


Goat Cheese Panna Cotta

with Seasonal Fruit


Select local beverage options will be available for purchase

Incase of rain, dinner will be served inside Sissiboo Cafe

***All Menus are subject to change based on product availability***

We will try our best to accommodate dietary restrictions, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us

Groups over 6 may be asked for a $60 deposit

Food Knolling

Who we are:

We are Curtis and Sarah! Our paths crossed in the beautiful setting of Ontario's Muksoka Lakes where we were both involved in catering and cooking. Little did we know that our shared passion for food and travel would ignite a flame that would change our lives. Our love story started on a pontoon boat, where we discovered our mutual affinity for culinary exploration and a desire to create something extraordinary together. Along with our pup Stella and Curtis' converted cargo van we decided to pack our bags to take a path a little less travelled. 

Why Bear River?

Seeking a location that resonated with us, we were drawn to Bear River. With it's stunning natural beauty and close knit community, we knew this would provide the perfect back drop for our culinary venture. Moreover, Sarah's bestfriend Chelsey and amazing partner Andrea, who reside in Bear River, further solidified our decision to bring our dinner series to this idyllic village.

We were fortunate to find the perfect partnership with Sissiboo Coffee Roasters and knew their beautiful patio space nestled along the river would be a beautiful location for this limited dinner series. We can't wait to meet your community and share our food with you!

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